The following schedule is not final and is still subject to changes,

Friday, October 7th, 2022
Time Ballroom Workshops
9:00 Registration Opens
CTF Starts
9:30 Welcoming Remarks
9:45 Keynote: Ken Westin
10:45 15 Minute Break
11:00 Delete Your Data

Beginner Capture The Flag (CTF) Challenge Carousel
11:30 Live, Laugh, Lyrical Injection: Hacking Karaoke for Fun and Profit
12:00 Smokeloader: The Pandora’s box of tricks, payloads and anti-analysis
13:00 Breaking Into Infosec or, How I hacked my way out of poverty Pivoting, Tunneling, and Redirection Master Class
13:30 Reverse engineering how WAFs (fail to) identify bots

14:00 Cloudy With A Chance of Purple Rain:Leveraging Stratus Red Team to Secure Your Clouds
14:30 The Ace is the Place - Stealthy LDAP Domain Reconnaissance
15:00 macOS persistence, LaunchAgents and Beyond

Creating cybersecurity training exercises with EDURange
15:30 Exposing Malicious USB Cables
16:30 Engaging bike theft victims in the OSINT process - or:
Lets Go Chase Down Some Goddamn Bad Guys Already
17:00 Closing Remarks
17:30 30 Minute Break
18:00 Quiz Show
19:00 CTF Prizes (CTF ends at 18:30)
21:00 Doors close