If you are interested in volunteering for BSidesPDX, this page has information about the roles available, and some of the expectation around volunteering. You can sign up to volunteer on this page.


Volunteers (like participants) are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct.


Given the circumstance of 2020, BSidesPDX 2020 will be a virtual conference. As such, the volunteer roles will be necessarily different this year.


  • 1 to MC the presentation track. This will include posting any links needed for each talk.
  • 2 each for walkthrough and workshop tracks. This will include making announcements for starting/stopping of tracks as well as any necessary links.
  • Additional for chat (discord) moderation, on call for the duration of the conference. Up to 4 would be nice. This will include CoC enforcement and related duties.


  • 1 to queue up and play main track videos.
  • 3 to provide tech support during the conference as necessary.
  • 1 to help setup video meetings for workshops/walkthroughs/and happy hours.

Miscellaneous Organization

  • Planning happy hour logistics and allocation.