BsidesPDX 2022 CTF

Hosted by Michael Hoffman (@0x1nd0)

Michael Hoffman (@0x1nd0) is a offensive security red team operator working for NVIDIA. He has interests in the creation of offensive malware development and security research in MacOS and Linux operating systems. Prior to NVIDIA, he worked as a Red Team operator for OCI and a pentester at Paypal. Recently, his main focus is writing golang malware and MacOS persistence mechanisms.

Quiz Show

This is the game where we take some BSides attendees and pit them against each other in a battle of wits to see who’s the smartest… who’s the fastest… who’s going to emerge with the ultimate alpha- geek status for the next year!

WHAT’S IT LIKE? Just like many TV game shows you’re probably already familiar with. We take three contestants, put them on stage and ask them a series of questions relating to aspects of system and network security, exploits, hacking, hardware, software, administration, history, and even some random bits of pop culture thrown in for hack value.

SOUNDS COOL! WHERE DO I SIGN UP? Click HERE for the qualifier! (That link also points you to past shows if you want to see real examples of the game.)

Hosted by Steve Willoughby (@TeXnik_PDX)

Steve Willoughby is a Senior Developer for a local Portland software company. He discovered Version 7 Unix while in high school and, apart from brief forays into VMS in college and failed attempts to hide from other operating systems, he’s been spending most waking hours tinkering on UNIX in one form or another, either writing software or administering systems. He lives in the Portland, Oregon area and keeps a vintage Altair 8800 and COSMAC Elf as pets. In his spare time, he runs a MUD game and creates microcontroller gizmos to make his Christmas lights flash in the most over-engineered way possible.