The following schedule is tentative. Schedule subject to change. Check schedule prior to the start of the event.

Friday, October 26, 2018
Talk Track A Talk Track B Workshop Track
9:00 Registration Opens
9:30 Welcoming Remarks
9:45 Keynote: Building Security People - Jessica Payne  
10:45 Break
11:00 BSidesPDX 101 - CTF, Contests, and Events, Badges, & more with @TTimzen, @securelyfitz, @r00tkillah, & @office_deskjet shadejinx - Intern-alyzing Your Defense  
11:30 Nisha Kumar - The Making of the Banglet Wu-chang Feng - CyberPDX: A Camp for Broadening Participation in Cybersecurity  
12:00 Patrick Colford - “The Bottom of the Barrel - Scraping Pastebin for Obfuscated Malware” Esteban Gutierrez - Security As Nurturance Lee Fisher and Paul English - Detecting Evil Maid Firmware Attacks
12:30 Alexei Kojenov - Reverse engineering CISSP practice exams (no cheating!) Travis Smith - Learning Security by ATT&CK'ing Yourself
1:00 Ted Corbeill - Grandmothers, Gangsters, Guerrillas and Governments Tobin Shields - State of Cyber Education
2:00 Sudheendra S Bhat - Rastrea2r: Collecting & Hunting for IOCs with Gusto and Style nash and Chris Bushick - Security Education 101
2:30 Erik Bjorge, Maggie Jauregui, Brent Holtsclaw, and Aaron Frinzell - UEFI and CHIPSEC development for Security Researchers
3:00 Ken Hollis - Tiny Invaders: New Threats from Cables We Take for Granted Daniel McMahon - Hey Everyone, Break Our Stuff
4:00 Lightning Talks hosted by @TTimzen Ben Sadeghipour - It's the little things
5:00 Closing remarks    
5:15 Quiz Show (with prizes!)    


Friday Evening: BSidesPDX Friday Evening Party at PASCAL PDX Hackerspace



Saturday, October 27, 2018
Talk Track A Talk Track B Workshop Track
9:00 Registration Opens
9:25 Welcoming Remarks
9:30 Hardware Implant Panel with Kim Zetter, Joe Grand, Joe FitzPatrick, @__MG__, @r00tkillah, Mickey Shkatov and Jason Meltzer  
10:45 Break
11:00 Kelley Robinson - Threat Modeling Authentication John L. Whiteman - SAST and the Bad Human Code Project Wu-chang Feng - Smart-fuzzing with American Fuzzy Lop (AFL)
11:30 Kevin Neely - Survival of the fittest: password edition! Implementing the new NIST guidance into your password policy Ravi Sahita - Eliminating an entire class of exploits
12:00 Mark Cooper - The Secret to Secret Management Alex Ivkin - Containers with windows, elevators and backdoors
1:00 Jeff Bryner - How open source security solutions can solve *your* problem! Josh Farwell - Unsafe Harbor: Practical Attacks on Docker Infrastructure
1:30 Joshua Pereyda and Tim Clemans - Custom Network Protocol Fuzzing
2:00 Matt King and Paul McMillan - Securing Bare Metal Hardware at Scale Malcolm Heath - Incomplete views: incident response in a data-poor environment
3:00 Karl Fosaaen - Attacking Azure Environments with PowerShell Walter Abeson - Pseudorandom Meta Threat Intelligence. TL;DR - Lessons Learned from the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report.
4:00 Dan Whalen - Oh! 365: Avoid an “Oh ****” moment in Office 365 Steve Willoughby - CTF@Work, School, or Anywhere
5:00 Closing Remarks, Thank-yous & Awards    


Saturday Lunch: Saturday Invite-Only Sponsor Lunch - 12:30 PM to 2 PM - Room e148 - For Invited Guests Only

Saturday Evening: BSidesPDX Afterparty at Ctrl-H PDX Hackerspace