The scoreboard for the CTF is located at

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a computer security competition where competitors hack on binaries, web services or challenges to uncover secret flags which earn you points. Join us at BSidesPDX and compete in a CTF that take competitors through a series of web & binary exploitation, shellcoding and reverse engineering challenges! Unlike CTFs at other conferences ours is not meant to be intimidating and there are some challenges that any attendee should be able to solve! Come and learn some new skills or freshen up on some of the basics, which are easily forgotten. Like last years, everything will be open sourced after the event at


This competition starts after registration begins on, October 26th!

Hey, do you like reddit? Do you have mad karma harvesting skills? Sign up for Karmageddon at, and test your karma skills against other BSidesPDX attendees!

OSINT CTF for Missing Persons

This competition will run from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, October 27th!

BSides Portland has teamed up with Trace Labs to offer a CTF for this year.

Trace Labs provides crowd sourced, open source intelligence (OSINT) to find missing persons. They achieve this by bringing together groups of information security professionals and hackers to conduct open source intelligence operations in an attempt to collect intel on real missing persons.

This new, non-theoretical CTF allows contestants to collect flags on real missing persons. The more valuable these flags are to law enforcement, the more points teams earn.

While this is a game designed to be fun and competitive, it also helps families with missing loved ones. The information we collect is submitted to law enforcement to help aid them in their search.

If you want to sign up please do so here and ensure you select BSides Portland 2018 and your desired team name. If you want to learn more visit tracelabs.

BSides PDX Quiz Show Abstract: Infosec Quiz Show!

This is the game where we take some BSides attendees and pit them against each other in a battle of wits to see who’s the smartest… who’s the fastest… who’s going to emerge with the ultimate alpha- geek status for the next year!

WHAT’S IT LIKE? Just like many TV game shows you’re probably already familiar with. We take three contestants, put them on stage and ask them a series of questions relating to aspects of system and network security, exploits, hacking, hardware, software, administration, history, and even some random bits of pop culture thrown in for hack value.

SOUNDS COOL! WHERE DO I SIGN UP? Click HERE for the qualifier! (That link also points you to past shows if you want to see real examples of the game.)

BSidesPDX Backpack Drive for Foster Youth

Everyday 1,200 kids enter the foster system in the United States. Making a bad day worse they often have only a few minutes to gather anything and everything of value to them before being shipped off to strangers. While the foster system is now aware of the trauma and stigma that comes from using trash bags, oftentimes they don’t have other options.

Most people in tech have a thing for bags and backpacks. They tend to clutter our shelves, often stuffed inside each other like Russian nesting dolls. Let’s do something great and try to make this awful experience for them a little bit better.

If you are able to, come and donate a bag and we will ensure it reaches the right place! Bins will be placed in the event room for easy drop off.

ATM / Safe Hacking @ BSidesPDX 2018

Thanks to QQQ and BSidesPDX, you have the opportunity to crack an ATM safe!

In the contest room, you will find a Triton ATM with a combination lock on the safe, to which no one has the combination. Your job, using non-destructive methods, is to figure out the combination!

We’ll provide a USB boroscope, and there is already an access hole to see the back of the dial. We’ll also provide links to some videos showing how it’s done… but the rest is up to you!

For more information or questions, stay tuned to this page; find @lokkju on wire; or just look for the blue ATM in the contest room.

Saturday Invite-Only Sponsor Lunch

This lunch happens at 12:30 PM - 2 PM in Room e148 - For Invited Guests Only on Saturday, October 27th!

This year we are pleased to announce our invite-only lunch for sponsors is taking place on Saturday, October 27th in room e148.

Platinum and Diamond sponsors are awarded 1-2 seats are this exclusive catered event. Gold sponsors are awarded 1 seat.

A note to sponsors: Please reach out to if you have not already to indicate who from your organization will be partaking in this lunch.

Evening Activities

Thursday: CTRL-H Open House

Thursday evening, CTRL-H Hackerspace holds its weekly open house at 7608 N Interstate Avenue.

Friday Evening Party at PASCAL

This afterparty happens at 7:00 PM - END on October 26th!

Here’s a Map To PASCAL

PASCAL is hosting the Friday night after-party for BSidesPDX on October 26th! Doors open at 7 pm. Located at the new location within Audiocinema: 226 SE Madison St.

Entrance is through the side green door under the bridge. Parking is outside this door and around the block.

Beer and non alcoholic refreshments will be provided on the house by PASCAL. There will also be appetizers and various snacks. Come join us for good drink and better company!

Also, these things will be happening during the afterparty:

Social Engineering Costume Theme

(Not required but come dressed ready to SE your way in and you could win a prize…)

  • Wear a construction hat, wear a name tag, wear a jumpsuit representing a company you have never belonged to! Those that can SE their way into the CTF room have a chance at a prize well worth your time.

Participate in a Friday the 13th themed CTF.

  • Beginner to Intermediate level. Bring your gear and hack wifi. Wifi networks will be broadcasting named after Cabins from the famous horror series. Deauth and capture your way through Camp Crystal Lake, but beware of that pesky JSON…

Saturday: BSidesPDX Afterparty at Ctrl-H PDX Hackerspace

This afterparty happens at 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM on October 27th!

Mingle and relax after two busy days! After closing down and packing up at the convention center, we’ll be enjoying drinks and light refreshments. Come and join us between 7 and 11 PM at 7608 N Interstate Avenue.