The following schedule is tentative. Schedule subject to change. Check schedule prior to the start of the event.

Friday, October 20, 2017
Talk Track 1 Talk Track 2 Workshop Track
9:00 Registration Opens
9:30 Welcoming Remarks
9:45 Keynote: Mara Tam - Magical thinking … and how to thwart it  
10:45 Break
11:00 Robert Sell - Exploits in Wetware: Defcon SE CTF Experience and how organization can defend against social engineering BSidesPDX 101 - CTF, Contests, and Events, Badges, & more with @TTimzen, @securelyfitz, & @r00tkillah Ken Westin - Threat Hunting Permit
Noon Andrew Krug - Hacking Serverless Runtimes Bob Fruth - Healthcare Insecurity: What are we going to do about it?
1:00 Don Jones - Unconscious Bias - How do you start to break habits you didn't know you had
Beth - Including Kate Libby
Sarah Clarke - Getting Along At Work; Helping yourself and your coworkers when experiencing workplace bullying and harassment
ktemkin and Dominic Spill - Reverse Engineering Black Box Systems with GreatFET & FaceDancer Wu-chang Feng - Learning Symbolic Execution using an Angr-y CTF
2:00 James Habben - Assessing Weaponized USB Devices
2:30 Tiberius Hefflin - De Falsis Deis: Social Contracts Jack Rhysider - Weird and Radical Security Policies That Work
3:00 Jason Truppi - Modern Cryptographic Dissidence Ryan Devendorf - Hunting Methodology: A key to the labyrinth of network forensics Chris - Browser Fuzzing Tradecraft
4:00 Adam Cecchetti - Security is A Snapshot in Time - So How Do We Keep Up? Richö Butts & Dominic Stupid - the richö and dominic show (Feat. GreatFET & Rust)
5:00 Closing remarks    
5:15 Quiz Show (with prizes!)    


Friday Evening: Technology Diversified afterparty at PASCAL


Saturday, October 21, 2017
Talk Track 1 Talk Track 2 Workshop Track
9:00 Registration Opens
9:30 Welcoming Remarks
9:45 Keynote: Scanlime  
10:45 Break
11:00 Falcon Darkstar Momot - Building a Better Kerberos with X.509 Maxwell Koh - 2FAssassin: Bypass 2FA, Stealing Private Keys, Abusing Client Certificates, Make Illegal Profits, Have Fun, and Much More Joe Fitzpatrick - Applied Physical Attacks on Embedded Systems, Introductory Version
12:00 Karl Fosaaen - Speaking to a City of Amazon Echoes Mike R - Silens Pacem -- A Silent Peace
12:30 Alexei Kojenov and Alex Ivkin - Hacking a Hackathon for Fun and Profit Dan Anderson - Breaking Crypto with Randomness
1:00 Toby Kohlenberg - Red Teaming 101 - No really; it isn't what you think Rob Rehrig - Ox-Vox: Hacking Con Badges Before the Con Student Presentations
1:30 dade and Toby Kohlenberg - Red Teaming The Red Team Joe Grand - Hacking a Tooth Tunes Toothbrush for a Positive Dental Outlook
2:00 Topher Timzen - The Trials and Tribulations of Building Your Own CTF and Shooting Gallery Philippe Laulheret - Let's learn MIPS and Japanese!!! How to reverse engineer a PSX game and turn it into a language learning tool
2:30 Anna Trikalinou and Dan Lake - Taking DMA attacks to the next level; How to do arbitrary memory reads/writes in a live and unmodified system using a rogue memory controller enferex - Utilizing High Entropy Stack Canaries for Locating Function Return Addresses Gary Smith - Blacklisting Bad Guys With IPTables
3:00 Terry Tower - Thoughts on Drone Security Travis Smith - Do You Even Detect, Bro?
3:30 Kelly Shortridge - Big Game Theory Hunting: The Peculiarities of Human Behavior in the InfoSec Game Seth Hinze - Securing APIs at Scale: Quick Wins for DevSecOps
4:30 Closing Remarks, Thank-yous & Awards    


Saturday Evening: BSidesPDX Afterparty at Ctrl-H PDX Hackerspace