Capture the Flag (CTF) is a computer security competition where competitors hack on binaries, web services or challenges to uncover secret flags which earn you points. Join us at BSidesPDX and compete in a CTF that take competitors through a series of web & binary exploitation, shellcoding and reverse engineering challenges! Unlike CTFs at other conferences ours is not meant to be intimidating and there are some challenges that any attendee should be able to solve! Come and learn some new skills or freshen up on some of the basics, which are easily forgotten. This year will introduce new CTF infrastructure and we are excited about it!

The scoreboard for the CTF is located at

Should problems arise with anything CTF related, contact one of the organizers.



Infosec Quiz Show!


This is the game where we take some BSides attendees and pit them against each other in a battle of wits to see who’s the smartest… who’s the fastest… who’s going to emerge with the ultimate alpha-geek status for the next year!

WHAT’S IT LIKE? Just like many TV game shows you’re probably already familiar with. We take three contestants, put them on stage and ask them a series of questions relating to aspects of system and network security, exploits, hacking, hardware, software, administration, history, and even some random bits of pop culture thrown in for hack value.

SOUNDS COOL! WHERE DO I SIGN UP? Click HERE for the qualifier!

Game time: 5:15 PM in Talk Track 1 on Friday, October 20, 2017!!

(Contestants please plan to arrive 20 minutes early.)


Hey, do you like reddit? Do you have mad karma harvesting skills? Sign up for Karmageddon at, and test your karma skills against other BSidesPDX attendees!

Tech Book Swap

Back this year is the Tech Book Swap to freshen up your bookshelf. Bring in any good-condition recent tech, computer, programming, or security book and trade it for another. This will run informally and on the honor system for the duration of the event at one of the tables in the event room.

Engineering Stories

On Friday and Saturday afternoon Anne Meixner will be collecting your engineering stories. Come share your perspective on the craft of engineering with your personal experience. At The Engineers’ Daughter we are committed to work like hell to pursue & preserve the craft of engineering: Not through technical manuals but through stories that quench our curiosities. We believe that the sexy hard problems & the everyday issues have one thing in common: they get resolved using the same process, the same questions, the core of the engineering craft always applies. See engineers daughter for examples.

Signup to tell your story in the event room!

Anne will be on site collecting stories:

  • Friday: 1-5 pm

  • Saturday: 1-4 pm

Lockpick Village

Brought to you by the Portland TOOOL chapter, come to learn, hone your skills, or just show off.

The Lockpick Village will be at BSidesPDX Friday and Saturday afternoons

Evening Activities

Thursday: CTRLH Open House

Thursday evening, volunteers will be busily preparing for the conference at CTRL-H Hackerspace at 7600 N Interstate Avenue. Thursday is also Open House, so feel free to stop by between 7 and 9 PM

Friday: Technology Diversified afterparty at PASCAL

Friday evening, Technology Diversified will host an afterparty at PASCAL. They’ll have retro games, lockpicking, badge hacking, music, and hacker bingo. Snacks and beverages will be provided - come meet some cool folks and hack things! Doors open @ 5:30p, event begins @ 6:30p.

Saturday: BSidesPDX Afterparty at Ctrl-H PDX Hackerspace

Mingle and relax after two busy days! After closing down and packing up at the convention center, we’ll be enjoying drinks and light refreshments. Come and join us between 7 and 11 PM