The main presentation track will run roughly 9AM to 5PM PDT, UTC−07:00. Happy hours and other events may run later.

Friday, October 23rd 2020
Theme Presentation Workshop Track Walkthrough Track
9:00 Opening Welcoming Remarks
9:20 Opening Keynote: Maddie Stone
10:00 Breaking into InfoSec

Hosted by Dean Pierce
Falconspy - I tried harder
10:20 Jeff McJunkin & Daniel Pendolino - From SysAdmin to InfoSec: How to Make the Jump
10:40 Q&A Session
11:00 End Users

Hosted by Malcolm Heath
Sydney Brazeau - Protecting the Elderly from Cybercrime: A Community Education Approach Mark Morowczynski and Bailey Bercik - Hiding In The Clouds: How Attackers Can Use Malicious Applications for Sustained Persistence and How To Find It void* vikings, Portland State University’s CTF team - A Hands-on Guide to CTFs for the Uninitiated
11:20 Michael Jenks and Aire Youmans - That’s How the Cookie Crumbles: Persistent/Tracking Cookies, Privacy, and Us
11:40 Q&A Session
12:00 Detection

Hosted by Josh Farwell
Terri - Frugal known vulnerability detection Jens Mache - Deploying your own cybersecurity training infrastructure with EDURange Wu-chang Feng - Python Web Hackin’
12:20 Heidi Metzler - PowerShell & Alarm Bells
12:40 Q&A Session
13:00 Containers

Hosted by Michael Leibowitz
Alex Ivkin - Breaking down the ship: How Kubernetes is put together and how you can take it apart Swetha Rai and Corissa Koopmans - Never trust, Always verify : Getting to Zero Trust with Azure Active Directory
13:20 Nisha Kumar - Garbage Day! Sorting Through Container Image Contents
13:40 Q&A Session
14:00 Wildcard

Hosted by Maggie Jauregui
Matt King - What I’d really like, Dev, is to borrow the signing keys Jon Helmus - Creating a AWS Pentest Playground Joe FitzPatrick - All About dumping SPI Flash
14:20 Q&A Session
14:40 Patrick Sayler - Automated Social Engineering for the Antisocial Engineer
15:00 Q&A Session
15:20 Robert Wayt - Breached! Notification Requirements For Everyone
15:40 Q&A Session
16:00 Closing Closing Keynote: Sara Jayne Terp
16:20 Closing Ceremonies
16:40 Happy Hours