As BSidesPDX has evolved over the years into a larger event, the process of curating the content has evolved as well. In an effort to recognize that the goal of BSidesPDX is to support the local information security community, we’ve recruited a set of local experts to help with the selection process.

Michael Leibowitz

Michael Leibowitz (@r00tkillah) has done hard-time in real-time. An old-school computer engineer by education, he spends his days hacking the mothership for a fortune 100 company. Previously, he developed and tested embedded hardware and software, fooled around with strap-on boot roms, mobile apps, officesuites, and written some secure software. On nights and weekends he hacks on electronics, writes CFPs, and contributes to the NSA Playset. He is the chairman of our CFP this year.

Topher Timzen

Topher Timzen (@TTimzen) is a Principal Offensive Security Engineer on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Red Team. Coming from an offensive security background, Topher has a research emphasis on reverse engineering, malware, and exploitation development. He has spoken at various security conferences including DEF CON, SecTor, CanSecWest, ToorCon and BSidesPDX, to name a few. Topher is also an active contributor to the PDX hacking community and ran the BsidesPDX CTF from 2016 to 2018. He also created a CTF framework that is used for the BSidesPDX CTF. Topher is located in the woods hiking or mountain biking when not computing, or playing guitar and blasting metal. More information can be found at

Maggie Jauregui

Maggie Jauregui (@_m46s) is a firmware security researcher at a Fortune 50 company focused on platform hardware and firmware security. Maggie has presented at conferences such as DEF CON, CanSecWest, DerbyCon, OSFC, BSidesTLV, and Maggie also enjoys pcb design & electronic art.

Marion Marschalek

Marion Marschalek is a Security Engineer within Intel's STORM team in Portland, Oregon. Prior to that she held different positions in the threat detection industry, as a malware reverse engineer and incident responder. Her most noteworthy contribution at the time was her analysis work on the malware 'Babar' and other representatives of a collection of French nation state malware, which was cited by a number of international news outlets and also got her listed as one of Forbes' "30under30" talents in the Technology Europe division in 2016. Marschalek is a review board member of Blackhat, and frequent speaker at major security conferences, including Blackhat, Defcon, HITB, RSA, and SyScan, among others. In 2015 she started a hacker bootcamp for women titled BlackHoodie, which over the years established itself as a global initiative to attract more diverse talent to the security industry.

Kees Cook

Kees Cook (@kees_cook) has been working with Free Software since 1994, and has been a Debian Developer since 2007. He is currently employed as a Linux kernel security engineer by Google, working on Android and Chrome OS. From 2006 through 2011 he worked for Canonical as the Ubuntu Security Team's Tech Lead, and remains on the Ubuntu Technical Board. Before that, he worked as the lead sysadmin at OSDL, before it was the Linux Foundation. He has written various utilities including GOPchop and Sendpage, and contributes randomly to other projects including fun chunks of code in OpenSSH, Inkscape, Wine, MPlayer, and Wireshark. He's been spending most of his time lately focused on security features in the Linux Kernel.

Wu-chang Feng

Wu-chang Feng is a professor of Computer Science at Portland State University where he works on building capture-the-flag games and codelabs for teaching students a range of topics including web application exploitation, cloud security, blockchain vulnerabilities, reverse engineering, fuzzing, and symbolic execution. He also participates in security education outreach via high-school camps and internships such as CyberPDX and Saturday Academy.