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Capture the Flag (CTF) is a computer security competition where competitors hack on binaries, web services or challenges to uncover secret flags which earn you points. Join us at BSidesPDX and compete in a CTF that take competitors through a series of web & binary exploitation, shellcoding and reverse engineering challenges! Unlike CTFs at other conferences ours is not meant to be intimidating and there are some challenges that any attendee should be able to solve! Come and learn some new skills or freshen up on some of the basics, which are easily forgotten. Like last years, everything will be open sourced after the event at

BSides 2019 Quiz Show

This is the game where we take some BSides attendees and pit them against each other in a battle of wits to see who’s the smartest… who’s the fastest… who’s going to emerge with the ultimate alpha- geek status for the next year!

WHAT’S IT LIKE? Just like many TV game shows you’re probably already familiar with. We take three contestants, put them on stage and ask them a series of questions relating to aspects of system and network security, exploits, hacking, hardware, software, administration, history, and even some random bits of pop culture thrown in for hack value.

SOUNDS COOL! WHERE DO I SIGN UP? Click HERE for the qualifier! (That link also points you to past shows if you want to see real examples of the game.)

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Steve Willoughby

Steve Willoughby is a Senior Software Developer for a Fortune 50 company. He discovered Version 7 Unix while in high school and, apart from brief forays into VMS in college and failed attempts to hide from other operating systems, he’s been spending most waking hours tinkering on UNIX in one form or another, either writing software or administering systems. He lives in the Portland, Oregon area and keeps a vintage Altair 8800 and COSMAC Elf as pets. In his spare time, he runs a MUD game and creates microcontroller gizmos to make his Christmas lights flash in the most over-engineered way possible.

Whose Slide Is It Anyway?

As seen at Defcon, Derbycon, Circle City Con, and others, Whose Slide Is It Anyway makes it’s PNW debut at BsidesPDX. Contestants will give lightning talks between 5 and 7 minutes, with the aid of a slide deck that is randomly chosen and they have never seen before. Our panel of subject matter expert judges will award arbitrary amounts of points (and often times random things that aren’t points) to contestants based on their performances. At the end of the event, scores will be tallied and the top three contestants will be awarded prizes.

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Prolific 💩 poster.

Sticker Swap!

Bring some of your sticker collection or stickers of your own making. We’ll have a table to leave-a-sticker-take-a-sticker to expand your collection!

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BSidesPDX Backpack Drive for Foster Youth

Everyday 1,200 kids enter the foster system in the United States. Making a bad day worse they often have only a few minutes to gather anything and everything of value to them before being shipped off to strangers. While the foster system is now aware of the trauma and stigma that comes from using trash bags, oftentimes they don’t have other options.

Most people in tech have a thing for bags and backpacks. They tend to clutter our shelves, often stuffed inside each other like Russian nesting dolls. Let’s do something great and try to make this awful experience for them a little bit better.

If you are able to, come and donate a bag and we will ensure it reaches the right place! Bins will be placed in the event room for easy drop off.

Evening Activities

Friday: BSidesPDX Afterparty at the Convention Center

This afterparty happens immediately after the conference from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM on October 25th!

Mingle and relax after a day! We’ll be enjoying drinks and light refreshments right at the convention center, along with a few other evening events and movies.

Saturday: Informal Gathering at Spirit of 77 across the street from the convention center

We’ll cover the first round at the Spirit of 77 immediately after the conference closes.

Saturday: Informal Gathering at Ground Kontrol in downtown Portland

Stop by one of Portland’s geek treasures (21+) to unwind after BSidesPDX with some classic arcade games.

Saturday: BSidesPDX Unpack and Unwind for Volunteers and Speakers at Ctrl-H PDX Hackerspace

This afterparty happens at 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM on October 26th!

Unfortunately we can’t fit the entire conference at Ctrl-H, so after the conference we invite just the volunteers and speakers to meet up at Ctrl-H to unpack all the gear from the convention center and unwind.