Infosec Quiz Show!

Game time: Friday, October 14, 6:00 PM

THIS YEAR AT BSIDES PDX, JOIN US FOR THE ULTIMATE CONTEST OF SECURITY KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE! This is the game where we take some BSides attendees and pit them against each other in a battle of wits to see who’s the smartest… who’s the fastest… who’s going to emerge with the ultimate alpha-geek status for the next year!

Just like many TV game shows you’re probably already familiar with. We take three contestants, put them on stage and ask them a series of questions relating to aspects of system and network security, exploits, hacking, hardware, software, administration, history, and even some random bits of pop culture thrown in for hack value.




Capture the Flag (CTF) is a computer security competition where competitors hack on binaries, web services or challenges to uncover secret flags which earn you points. Join us at BSidesPDX and compete in a CTF that take competitors through a subset of the top 25 most dangerous software vulnerabilities as published by MITRE in 2011. Each of the challenges is catered towards one of the specific vulnerabilities and will include Buffer Overflows, Improper use of Credentials, Integer Overflows and more! Unlike CTFs at other conferences ours is not meant to be intimidating and there are some challenges that any attendee should be able to solve! Come and learn some new skills or freshen up on some of the basics, which are easily forgotten.

Scavenger Hunt

Secret treasure is all around you. See if you can find it.


Hey, do you like reddit? Do you have mad karma havesting skills? Sign up for Karmageddon at, and test your karma skills against other BSidesPDX attendees!

Internet of Buckets - The Wall of Buckets

Built as a collaboration among members of DorkbotPDX and Portland Ctrl-H Hackerspace, the Wall of Buckets is a 5x10 array of buckets containing independent, wifi-controlled full color LEDs. Built around the ESP8266 and controlled via hand and body motions, http, or Lua scripts, it is an interactive wall of light open to tinkering and hacking on several different levels

Tech Book Swap

Freshen up your bookshelf. Bring in any good-condition recent tech, computer, programming, or security book and trade it for another. This will run informally and on the honor system for the duration of the event at one of the tables in the event room.