Lockpick Village (Friday 1pm-6pm only)

Brought to you by the Portland TOOOL chapter, come to learn, hone your skills, or just show off.

Software Defined Radio Village

Interested in radio? Come play with a wide assortment of Low to Medium end Software Defined Radios! Bring radios to show off or share, or just bring a laptop and some weird ideas.

Bitcoin Village

Whether you’re just vaguely interested in this technology, or a seasoned veteran, you’re welcome to come hang out and talk about mining, merchant services, altcoins, cryptography, economics, and the future of money itself.

Swag Hacking Competition

Once again, back by popular demand is the Swag Hacking Competition. Mod your badge, mod your shirt, mod your stickers, make everything awesome, and the winner with the most creative swag hack will go home with a 100 dollar gift certificate to adafruit.

Shellgame Competition (2pm-5pm Friday and Saturday)

Shellgame is the hottest new hacker card game, and you’re invited to the first ever grand tournament. Come play a few games with us before hand, and once the tournament starts, people will be given chips, and at the end of the tournament, people with the most chips will be able to take home a game for free.

Sasquatch CTF

Brought to you by Vegan Zombies, Portland’s #1 CTF Team, this game challenges you to break into a live deployment of a web store and sift around the server looking for flags. Winner gets a free hacker book of their choice.

Badger CTF

By now you may have seen them floating around the conference. Premium badges connected and controllable over WiFi. Connect to BadgerNet, scan for Badgers on port 80, and start planting flags. A daemon will be counting the flags at regular intervals, and the winners will be tracked live on screen. Winners will get NodeMCU development boards that the Badger Badges were based on.