Saturday, September 28


Joe FitzPatrick - Timing Sidechannel Attacks for Hardware N00bs
Built around an ultra low-cost kit of hardware hacking tools, this kit comes with self-guided instructions stepping through the process of conducting a timing side channel attack against a PIN validation system. It is a subset of the Introductory Hardware Hacking Workshop, with the objective to:

  • Provide a beginner-level hardware hacking project with no soldering and minimal flashing lights.
  • Show exactly how cheap and feasible hardware attacks really are.
  • Introduce some basic tools for hardware hacking


Kenny McElroy - Introduction to exploring embedded devices
Have you ever cracked apart a wireless access point, cable/dsl modem, digital scale, or some other electronic device containing a whole mess of mysterious chips that might just add up to the computing power of a PC Junior? Did you wonder just what the heck to do next? Bring your questions and answers for this workshop covering:

  • Introduction to black box board reconnaissance.
  • Meet the BusPirate
  • Intro to UART: What it is, how to find it and how to use it.
  • Intro to I2C: Same deal.
  • As time allows, explore SPI and JTAG too!